Counseling Services

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One great thing about Lincoln Memorial University is the counseling services provided. The counseling services offer free services to all students, faculty, and staff who are struggling. Whether it be from relationship crisis, test anxiety, depression, generalized anxiety,  or to more stigmatized things like polar disorders and personality disorders, they cover everything. Counselors are here to help students reach their maximum potential. So if a student is struggling, they want to help the student reduce their stress and make the best out of their experience to be more productive.

“What we consider we do is kind of two-fold…”

Amy Spurlock explains how the counseling services is two-fold. This means that they provide short-term therapy and an educational component. The short-term therapy is left to the discretion of the therapist. Some people go to a couple of visits, and some people come because they have an outside provider that takes care of their medical needs and the counselor monitors provides extra support. The second part of the fold is the educational component. Read the rest of this entry »


Why is Strength and Conditioning Important?

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StephenWhat is strength and conditioning, anyway? The 300+ student athletes at Lincoln Memorial University can tell you, thanks to Coach Stephen Linzmeier. Linzmeier is in his second year working as a Strength and Conditioning Coach for student-athletes. He developed the base for the program last year, and now is excited to expand and teach new ideas. Linzmeier’s job requires him to work with 300 plus student-athletes at an integral part of their lives.

“They leave their parents at the age of 18, and they become actual adults and they have to start making decisions on their own. I hold them accountable, make sure they show up on time and make sure they go through with everything so that they can continue to grow through all four years they are here. Once they are done here, they are able to go into the work force and be really successful.”

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Student Perspective

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This week, we’re talking philanthropy. Giving is at the core of Lincoln Memorial University. It keeps the community and the alumni connected to the University. For this post, we asked students to share their perspectives on scholarships and giving. Here are some of their responses:

  • “I will most definitely give back to LMU whenever I get the money.”
  • “It’s not a question if I give back or not, LMU is helping me develop my future, so off course I would give back.”
  • “Honestly, we don’t give enough. We need to give more, what we give now is not enough.”
  • “Not all kids are as lucky as us. Some people don’t get this opportunity like we do.”
  • “They gave me the opportunity to go to my dream school and play the sport I love the most. Without scholarships, I would be sitting at a community college not being able to play soccer.”
  • “Each day I am thankful for the scholarships I was given. I was given the opportunity to follow my dream.”

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The Office of Multicultural Student Services

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IMG_0115This week we’re highlighting the Office of Multicultural Student Services (OMSS). This office is under the supervision of Cathy Eldahan. Eldahan comes from a diverse family, as her husband is of Egyptian descent. The OMSS promotes intellectual understanding and appreciation of diversity and social justice. It also provides safe and inclusive spaces where all students are welcomed, supported, and encouraged to share, learn, and grow. The OMSS consist of five student groups: the Black Student Union, eL MUndo, International Student Union, Social and Gender Equality Cub, and the LGBTQ group. Every time someone thinks about joining a club, the first question they asked is “Do you have to identify with race or orientation to join?” and the answer to that question is absolutely not. These organizations are for support and learning. Read the rest of this entry »

There’s a Face and a Purpose Behind the Acronyms

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Madison LamarMeet this week’s spotlight: Madison Lamar, a second year medical student. She received her masters in Biomedical Sciences at LMU the year before she started medical school. She is also the 2015-2016 Paul Ambrose Scholar.

Lamar grew up in South Georgia on a farm, and then attended the University of Georgia for her undergraduate degree in Human Development. During her time there, she pole vaulted for the bulldogs and became a personal trainer after retiring from track and field. She always knew that she wanted to practice family medicine, and feels very blessed to have the opportunity to start on that path at LMU-DCOM. Read the rest of this entry »

Meet the Newest Railsplitter

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Matt GreenWe have so many new faces on campus, but one you may have seen around is Matt Green. Green is the new athletic director for Lincoln Memorial University. Green came from Shorter University in Rome, Georgia. For the past 5 years, he was the associate athletic director there. Green has always wanted to be an athletic director, but he never anticipated getting the opportunity so soon. When this job opened up, he simply applied and went through the application process. Green didn’t know much about LMU before he applied, but he said it is a great fit for him with its beautiful campus and great facilities.

“One of the best parts of LMU and the size of this campus is how close everyone can be, and how many different people I get to interact with on a daily basis.”

Green is impressed by the diversity of culture on on campus s so diverse. From an athletic standpoint, we have tremendous support from the top down, starting with the Board of Trustees. From president Dawson to the administration and to (especially) the coaches, there are proud Railsplitters. Everyone who is a part of LMU is a great supporter, even the non-student athletes. Read the rest of this entry »

The New Face of Alumni Services

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Sheliah Cosby
Sheliah Cosby (right) and scholarship recipient Lauren Dusold (left)

This week’s highlight is Sheliah Cosby. Cosby is the new Director of Alumni Services and she has held this position for almost a month now. Her job is to keep the alumni of Lincoln Memorial University connected to LMU and involved with what is happening on the campus. Cosby keeps the alumni updated on events that are going on with the school such as athletic events, openings, and chapter events. Before she took this job title, she worked at Forge Ridge School in the Claiborne County Tennessee school system for 23 years. She worked as a Mentor/Instructional Coach to evaluate teachers individually and in grade level groups. Cosby worked to improve the students’ learning to above-grade-level learning. The increase of teachers and the demands made her dissatisfied, so she retired.

She has been an active member of the LMU Alumni Association for about 4 years. During that time, she hosted many events that brought the alumni together sharing old, funny memories. When she heard that the Director of Alumni Services position opened up, she knew it would be a good fit for her and her past work experience. Cosby had worked closely with Donny Lipscomb, former director, and she knew what expectations to have for the program. She was very prepared for the position, as prepared as you can ever be going into a new job. Read the rest of this entry »